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Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) 28-40%

Request MSDS information BIS calcium chloride is an odorless, slightly alkaline, water-white fluid with concentrations available from 28% to 40%. Common applications include dust control on roads, ready-mix concrete curing, and as an anti-freeze for coal storage and transportation.

BIS Calcium Chloride - For applications in Dust Control

BIS Liquid calcium chloride is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture from the air and its surroundings. This keeps unpaved surfaces damp and the dust down. It also resists evaporation, so a single application provides an ongoing benefit. Calcium chloride’s attraction for moisture helps bind aggregate particles together. Unpaved surfaces become and remain compacted, and over time, the chemical penetrates the surface, adding a stabilizing effect to reduce frost damage and overall wear. Maintenance costs for a calcium chloride-treated road are much less than untreated roads.

BIS Calcium Chloride - For applications in Ready Mix Concrete

As those in the Ready Mixed concrete industry know, cold weather concrete requires an effective accelerator. No other accelerator has been used so successfully as Liquid Calcium Chloride. BIS Calcium Chloride has the ability to reduce set time by as much as two-thirds, reduce the amount of water required for mix designs and improve the strength and durability of concrete. The end result is a job well done, done fast!

BIS Calcium Chloride - For applications in coal storage and transportation

With its very low freeze-point, BIS calcium chloride is widely used as an antifreeze for coal stockpiles, and to prevent the cold weather problems associated with transportation of coal.