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Request MSDS information At Brazos Industrial Supply, we stock a complete line of performance chloride and non-chloride-based products for total dust control. Our chloride products work in this way: they attract atmospheric moisture, binding fine dust particles. The road surface stays damp, which holds down the dust, reduces erosion, and protects the surface of the road from the loss of fines, which are the binder that hold the gravel and aggregates in the roadways. This is important to the condition and life span of the unpaved roadway.

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Dust Control

Brazos Mag One - Dust Control

BIS has the capability of delivering and applying multiple truckloads and rail cars of our Brazos Mag-One dust suppressant to any location in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Over the last 24 years we have shipped and applied over 50,000 tons of Brazos Mag-One.

One application will provide immediate suppression of dust and will last from a few months to a year, or longer, depending upon road construction material, vehicle traffic, and rainfall frequency. Our dust suppression program will decrease the overall need for blade maintenance and re-graveling, and will cut down on costly vehicle maintenance costs. Our program will also greatly decrease the amount of dust related complaints and air quality issues.

Our Brazos Mag-One resists evaporation and is hygroscopic, which means it draws moisture from the ground as well as the air. This process enables the fines and aggregate to bond, and coupled with the moisture of the road surface, causes a significant reduction in dust.

Brazos Mag-One has also has a proven cumulative effect, meaning every time you apply the product, the longer that application will provide dust suppression.

The inhalation of dust at work remains, in the 21st century, one of the most important causes of ill-health related to work. In the industrialized nations several million workers (including retired workers) have been killed or injured by dust at work. Dust is responsible for serious and disabling diseases, ranging from cancers to asthma and bronchitis. Lung injuries caused at work are further aggravated by pollution in our environment. Industries spend huge sums of money each year in efforts to control dust and prevent exposure.

Liquid Magnesium Chloride being applied to an unpaved roadDust is a problem with all gravel roads. The dust on these roads can be detrimental to businesses and homes alike, reducing visibility while driving, causing health problems and the frustration that comes when your home, lawn and vehicles are constantly covered in dust. Studies show that approximately one ton of aggregate per mile is lost each year for every vehicle that passes over a road daily. The retention of this aggregate is just one of the many added benefits to dust control. Rock quarries, the mining industry, rail yards and landfills are only a few of the industries that we serve.

Our Brazos Mag-One dust suppressant is available in full truckloads of 4,500 to 4,900 gallons, and full rail cars of 93-98 tons.

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Our liquid deicing products range from traditional ice melting chemicals like liquid magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride, to low-corrosion products. In addition to these well known and proven liquid performers, we stock and offer specialty products for applications that demand environmentally safe products. Please call for details.

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Industrial Applications

BIS magnesium chloride is used in a wide variety of industrial applications, in a wide range of industries. Call or write us today to see how we may be of service to you, in your application.