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Lignin Sulfonate

Request MSDS information BIS lignin sulfonate or Lignosulfonate is an all-natural, water-soluble product that can be used for many different binding applications and returned to the land with no harmful effects on the environment. We never add anything to dilute our product, which means you get what you pay for – pure lignin with a guaranteed analysis of 50% solids (+/- 2%) everyday – guaranteed. This natural by-product is produced through the pulping process from sustainable hardwood.

Dust Suppression and Soil Stabilization

BIS lignin sulfonate has long been the first choice for haul road maintenance and dust suppression. Used as a binder and bladed into the haul road's sub-surfaces it will provide road bed soil stabilization and dust suppression. Brazos Industrial Supply has provided our customers over 9,800 tons of lignin sulfonate for their haul road maintenance needs.

Material Binders

BIS lignin sulfonate is also used as a limestone pellet binder, a coal fines binder, and bio fuel pellet binder additive.

Animal Feed

As a high carbohydrate food source, BIS lignin sulfonate can be used as a molasses extender and supplement. It contains 34% crude protein and 63% carbohydrates on a dry basis, and is an 85% digestible nutrient, on a dry basis.

Brick manufacturing

BIS lignin sulfonate toughens the product in the green state, reduces breakage, improves forming properties, and reduces pug mill wear due to its lubricative properties.

Drilling Fluids

BIS lignin sulfonate acts as a natural dispersant in maintaining desirable rheology in a drilling operation.